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The Feather team will share the process of designing the (fictional) most popular construction 3D-pen-robot team of the future using Feather. [Demonstrators] Jun | Lead Designer (CDO) Kwan | Director (CEO) Yun | Guest Artist (Engineer)

World of 3D pen robots

In the distant future, the evolution of 3D printing and robotics has brought a world where anything can be created. The last challenge of this world was "architecture," the largest and the most complicated one.

Project "Butterfly"

These creative and powerful 3D pen robots were too good to be productivity tools. At last, construction companies expand their fields into the entertainment business.

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First concept sketch of "Butterfly"

“It’s light to use and it doesn’t slow me down.”

Ariel Casia
Lead Creative Hotels & F&B, Singapore

“It will replace what I have to go to my PC.”

Josh White
Freelance Digital Artist, USA

“It gives me a different sense of space.”

Sumi Kim
Visual Artist, South Korea

Community meet-up

First on-site community meet-up! 2023-08-08 (Tue) 1 pm ~ 2 pm

Connect with users and the Feather team.

Meet with the Team. - CEO, Chief Engineer, Chief Designer, and Community Manager. Feature request & review time Sharing experience & Networking

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First concept sketch of "Butterfly"

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